Moeez Hatanian

Sci-Fi Fantasy Author

Moeez is a sci-fi fantasy author and digital marketer born in Tehran to an affluent family of entrepreneurs and architects. His mother and father separated when he was just a baby, and he spent most of his childhood with his mother. Being an only child, his mother wanted him to have the best education, so they moved to Europe in his early teens to continue his studies in English literature.

He moved in his early teens to Europe where he studied English Literature. Moeez’s passion for writing began in his early years. He often wrote poems in class, which usually got him in trouble, and read books on astronomy and literature to pass his time. He was also fascinated with celestial events such as the passing of comet Halley, which made him wonder about the beauty of space and begin a new subject for his studies. He later joined a north-London-based society, Hampstead Scientific Society, and travelled with them to Cornwall to watch the last solar eclipse of the millennium. 

Moeez’s passion for writing runs deep, which is why he still finds time to write poetry and short stories despite his busy schedule and day-to-day responsibilities. When Moeez met his life partner (Charlene L), she pushed him to pursue his passion of becoming an author and inspiring others via his stories. Charlene was a beautiful soul who became the source of joy and inspiration for Moeez. When Charlene suddenly passed away, Moeez was devastated. To cope with the loss, he chose to travel throughout the world, and it was during this time, he initially drafted The Legend of the Omnipotent Twin Empress; those were the first two books in his series. 

His first book, Echoes for Celia, was officially published in 2020, and he based the heroine’s character on Charlene. The book was well-received by his readers, and he garnered a Silver Award from an award-winning body, Literary Titan. By late 2020, his second book was also published and received another award from Literary Titan. Moeez is currently working on follow-ups to the current series of books, and he is also making self-help videos and programs for aspiring authors on his YouTube channel (MoeezH Production).

If you don’t try, you never get anywhere; we are the creators of our own destiny.” – Moeez Hatanian.

What People have to say About Me

David Hatcher Childress

David Hatcher Childress is a French author, and the owner of Adventures Unlimited Press, a publishing house established in 1984 specializing in books on unusual topics such as ancient mysteries, unexplained phenomena, alternative history, and historical revisionism and co- host in discovery channel Ancient Alien theory.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have authored two books as a part of the trilogy series, and both are my favourite. Both books can be read stand-alone. In addition, I’m working on the third book of the series.

I travel frequently, especially over the holidays. I always do my research and storylines around the areas I’m visiting and am inclined to adapt them to my sci-fi scenery as I’m a little bit of a futurist, if that is even a self-proclaimed title. As a result, I tend to upgrade all of the photos and create a future world for the characters and readers to enjoy so they can imagine themselves in the story. 

The names of my characters are always indicative of who they are and what they want to do. For example, the twin sisters are omnipotent, Godlike beings with the names Celia and Avalyn, which signify Heavenly and Mother of Life, respectively.

Surprisingly, Celia and Elija. Celia regards herself as the world’s protector with her soft demeanour. Elijah, having served as Celia’s bodyguard for so long, considers himself to be the guardian. He is not even tempted by seductive characters in the book.

Not so much as killing the character, but I told a particular character’s life story while they were supposedly alive and then suddenly gone. It was difficult and upsetting for me since I had to create an emotional scenario for the book’s protagonists, and it reminded me of a true story, which I had not planned to do.

As a teenager, I began composing poems, songs, and short stories. Since I commenced writing professionally, I’ve seen myself as someone who tells stories to inspire others, and it’s more than simply a way to pass the time.

I see myself as a multigenre author. If I write about any story, historical event or even non-fiction book, I still use my name instead of creating multiple pennames and confusing my fans and followers.

I would choose a beautiful chameleon because chameleons change their colours for protection, dance to attract their partner and like to go up into the trees; serving as a reminder to continue to climb in life and never give up.

I plan to write a book based on a true story that is both non-fiction and inspirational. I will reveal more details on this book at a later date!

I use meditation and often go to bed while listening to sleep affirmations. However, I also enjoy walking in the open air and in the national parks of London.

Optimistic, Open-minded, Daring.

One of the books, movies, and stories that I like to read and view is (Great Expectation. I use this story as motivation toward my ultimate goals. In addition, I often have precognitive dreams, which I observe as they transpire in real life within a few days.