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Insterstellar, Romance, Suspense

The Rise of The OMEGA Empress

Interstellar, Romance, Suspense

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The Rise of The Omega follows the tale of twins Celia and Avalyn, two sisters born on earth but destined for something greater. As their lives intertwine with those of Pollux and Castor, their utopian world is turned upside down – and, of course, chaos ensues! I don’t want to give much away in terms of plot, as due to the short length of the novel I think it’s best to go in relatively blind, but trust me when I say I had no idea where this plot was going and I sure did love the ride!
Goodreads Review
Echoes For Celia is a science fiction mystery thriller that slowly unravels an out of the box story. Celia delves in to reach another level of her potential and we are travelling with her in this expedition. The mystery is seeping in her veins and we can feel her enthusiasm to know the unknown. This journey gives her the perfect opportunity for self exploration. But when the enthusiasm fades and she is ultimately stuck in the turmoil which drags her deep into its twisted realities, will she able to find a way to solve them? This question kept me glued to the story from the beginning.
Thomas Anderson
Editor in Chief - Literary Titan