Welcome to my Galaxy

I am a fictional yet romantic writer

A big part of my focus is turning real and everyday life into a success, no matter what hardship we come across. 

My approach to life is a mindset I wish to promote to other people through the stories I create and bring hope and motivation to those who read them.

In this workbook, I will show you can turn your dreams into reality. The first part of the workbook explains what goals are, and how to convert dreams into achievable goals so that you can work towards your dream life. 

I will share soon the second part of the workbook that will show you how to create an action plan and how to believe in yourself.

Enjoy the Journey

Moreez Hatanian

A goal without a plan is a wish


Dreaming has no limits, everyone can dream of anything they want but few have the courage and resilience to follow that dream and do everything in their physical and intellectual capacity to convert it into a goal

When we dream big, we achieve big. The first and foremost thing is to dream. Then you have to go through the consequences and growing pains to reach  a certain point where you feel that you have accomplished what you have strived for.

The acknowledged and successful people like Nelson Mandela, Michael Jackson, Jeff Bezos, and Oprah Winfrey had once a dream about what they want to achieve in their life. Their life was not  a crystal stairs but they never looked back after deciding to achieve the dream. They faced hardships, overcame hurdles, and showed resilience and patience during the ups and downs of life but never accepted to stand down.

It’s ideal to have dreams that could be converted into goals and aspirations that are achievable in the human capacity. The evaluation of the goal is necessary before trying to achieve it. There are some factors on which the goal should be evaluated so that it could ensure that the efforts are applied in the appropriate direction to ensure effectiveness and efficiency.

Enjoy the Journey

Characteristics of a goal