Echoes for Celia

The Legend of The Omnipotent Twin Empress. Book 1

Insterstellar, Romance, Suspense

Celia, a young woman separated from her twin at birth, has spent much of her life keeping her powers secret, even from her boyfriend Elijah, an FBI agent. Celia’s father blamed her for the loss of her twin, and as a result, Celia has grown up practically imprisoned under his oppressive thumb. Celia’s psyche has been scarred by her confinement, but she begins discovering the meaning of freedom through Elijah, whose love keeps her strong. Just as the couple is truly expressing their love for each other, a shimmering portal appears, sucking them in and sending them on an interstellar epic adventure that will find Celia learning the truth about her past while attempting to fulfil her destiny as the only person able to change the fate of the cosmos. Will their efforts succeed? Or is Celia doomed to failure? Echoes for Celia takes us on a lyrical, romantic quest to restore the cosmos before it’s too late.

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