Omega Empress

The Legend of The Omnipotent Twin Empress. Book 2

Utopian, Epic Adventure, Space Opera, Scifi Fantasy

Avalyn and Celia, twin sisters separated at birth, reunite after more than eighteen years, only to find that they have seemingly unlimited powers, granted by a race that wants to elevate the human race to a new level. From their new home on Blara in the Hexa Galaxy, overseen by King Orion, their mentor, the sisters find themselves tasked with protecting the Omega vessel against twin brothers who plan to conquer the galaxy. The brothers, Pollux and Castro, will stop at nothing to achieve their goals, including kidnapping women to serve as slaves. Will Avalyn and Celia prevail? Or will they fall prey to the misogynistic hands of the brothers? The Rise of the Omega Empress explores themes of power and equality while also taking us on a thrilling, romantic adventure as Avalyn and Celia defend their vessel from Pollux and Castro.

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