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Echoes Long sleeve shirt

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HYPERGY™ is manufactured in Germany by using highly advanced technology and complex production process under pharmaceutical conditions in compliance with GMP requirements. It has been licensed and authorized for sale in Canada by Health Canada as a “Natural Health Product – NPN80091217”.

  • Energy that fits in any pocket (ENERGY in PocketStyle)
  • Innovative formulation for convenient oral intake without the need for water
  • Blister packaging technology lets each Gummy Block to stay fresh for the duration of its life span
  • There is zero chance of contamination from corn starch since the technology is designed for direct filling into the blisters
  • All steps of production including cooling, sealing, and packaging are completed in one line, making the process faster and cleaner
  • Each Gummy Block is sealed in individual packets to eliminate possible contact with outside particles, viruses or bacteria before use